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Kotary Detar and Associates | Temporary Crowns in State College

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Temporary Crowns

After you complete the first step of the procedure to restore and protect your tooth, a temporary crown is placed to help protect the exposed dentin during the period of time that the laboratory is fabricating your permanent crown. Besides protection of the dentin, the temporary crown also serves to hold the space for the permanent crown, preventing the adjacent teeth from drifting, and prevents food from gathering in the preparation area.

What To Expect With A Temporary Crown

A temporary crown is just that, temporary! It does not look, feel, or function as nicely as your permanent one will. Some sensitivity to temperature and chewing is normal, as is the feeling that it is a little bulky and possibly rough. If your temporary crown feels rough or sharp and is making your tongue sensitive, please give us a call. If the temporary feels high, please call to make an appointment with us so we can adjust it. It is possible to 'bruise' a tooth if it is sitting too high.

Do's and Dont's When Wearing a Temporary Crown

Do use your toothbrush to clean the temporary as you normally do your other teeth. Don't chew anything sticky and don't floss the temporary crown. It is cemented with a soft cement, so that we can easily take it off when we place your permanent crown. Because of the use of the soft cement, it is easy to dislodge it by accident. If it should come off, give us a call to make arrangements to have it recemented as soon as possible. If it is not convenient for you to come in to the office to have the temporary recemented right away, you can try to replace the crown on the tooth yourself, but please be careful! A temporary crown can come loose while you sleep or eat and could be swallowed. If it is not firm after you replace it, take it out, put it in a safe place, and then bring it with you to your appointment. A denture adhesive cream or vaseline purchased at a drug store or supermarket, can be used to recement the crown until you can come in to see us at the office.

The temporary crown is designed to last only a few weeks. Keeping it on too long can damage your natural tooth. Typically we expect to have your permanent crown back from the laboratory within 3 weeks. Each case is different which may extend time by a few days. Please make sure you have an appointment with us to have your permanent crown placed as soon as it is ready. If you have any questions or any problems don't hesitate to give us a call!

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